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Plan 9 Software
Arvindh Rajesh Tamilmani

Tcs [-f tune] [-t tune] [src]
A patch to tcs(1), to enable TUNE ↔ Unicode conversions; available in the standard Plan 9 distribution. See Tamil in Plan 9.

Pnr [src]
A shell script to query Indian Railways PNR status.

Rect [src]
Rect deletes a rectangular area of text in an acme window. When given an argument, it replaces each line in the rectangle with the argument. The input rectangular area is specified by making a selection in the acme window. The beginning and end of the selection define the top left and bottom right corners of the rectangle.

Rect is useful when dealing with text in multi-column formats (e.g. log files). It is also used to comment/uncomment, indent/unindent source code.

Russ Cox rewrote rect in C while fixing an acme bug.

Acme(4) edit [src]
A patch to acme(1) to introduce edit, a new acme(4) file, to which Edit commands can be written. For example, to clear a window's content:
	echo -n ',d' >/mnt/acme/$winid/edit

Pipefile [src]
A shell version of pipefile(1).