B(1) for Acme SAC:
  1. Copy Brc to the directory containing acme.exe (say C:\acme-sac.)
  2. Add the following plumb rule to /usr/user/lib/plumbing.
    # Microsoft Windows file names
    kind is text
    data matches '(^[a-zA-Z]):(.*)'
    plumb alwaysstart acme
    plumb start /dis/sh.dis -c 'plumb -d edit /n/^`{echo $1 | tr A-Z a-z}^`{echo $2 | tr ''\\ '' /␣}'
  3. Mount the Windows file system and export the Inferno name space in Acme SAC:
    trfs '#UC:/' /n/c
    trfs '#UD:/' /n/d
    listen -Av 'tcp!*!styx' {export /&}
  4. Change file associations in Windows.
    ftype txtfile=C:\acme-sac\acme.exe -r C:\acme-sac sh.dis /Brc %1%