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Inferno Software
Arvindh Rajesh Tamilmani

Most of this software is available in the Acme SAC distribution; a few in the Inferno distribution.
Blackbox [src] [howto]
Blackbox is a game for Acme, ported from Emacs. The objective of the game is to find four balls hidden within the black box, an 8 by 8 grid. By shooting rays into the box and observing where they emerge, it is possible to deduce the positions of the hidden balls. Requires Acmeevent(1).

Pipefs [src] [man]
Pipefs acts as a filesystem layer above an existing name space, attaching filters to the files in the name space. Pipefs is to an entire name space what pipefile(1) is to a single file. Unlike pipefile, pipefs is capable of operating on plain files.

Trfs [src] [man]
A port of Nemo's trfs(1) from Plan 9. Trfs acts as a filesystem layer above an existing name space, replacing spaces in file names from the underlying name space with U+2423 (open box) character. Useful when dealing with MS Windows files.

Rect [src] [man]
Rect deletes a rectangular area of text in an acme window. When given an argument, it replaces each line in the rectangle with the argument. The input rectangular area is specified by making a selection in the acme window. The beginning and end of the selection define the top left and bottom right corners of the rectangle.

Rect is useful when dealing with text in multi-column formats (e.g. log files). It is also used to comment/uncomment, indent/unindent source code.

Inspired by Emacs rectangle commands, I first wrote rect as an rc script. While rewriting it to avoid the dependency on sam(1), I encountered an acme bug. Russ Cox fixed the bug and rewrote rect in C, which I converted to Limbo.

Acme(4) edit [src]
A patch to acme(1) to introduce edit, a new acme(4) file, to which Edit commands can be written. For example, to clear a window's content:
	echo -n ',d' >/mnt/acme/$acmewin/edit

Pipefile [src] [man]
Pipefile attaches a filter to a file in the name space. This is a port of the Plan 9 version.

Ook [src]
Ook enables b3 on a directory name in an acme directory window to open it in the same window. Running ook again restores the original acme behaviour.

Split [src]
Usage: split [ -b n | -b nk | -bnm] file
This script splits file into pieces of given size; 1 MB by default.

B for Acme SAC
This page explains how to open files in Acme SAC directly from Windows applications.

Ktrans [src] [man]
Ktrans transliterates typed letter sequences into characters in languages that do not use the Latin character set. It is usually installed as a layer over /dev/keyboard using pipefile(1). This version of ktrans supports Tamil.

Anjal [src] [man]
An English to Tamil transliterator, based on Anjal, a phonetic keyboard layout for Tamil (pdf; cf. the section titled The Anjal Keyboard.)

Tcs [-f tune] [-t tune] [src]
A patch to tcs(1), to enable TUNE ↔ Unicode conversions.

Hg pull [src]
I use Mercurial to keep track of the Acme SAC releases. This script pulls the weekly tar balls into the hg(1) repository.

Before running the script for the first time, create /dis/hg (similar to /dis/svn) and set up an empty repository.

	% cd /n/d/src
	% hg init acme-sac
	% pull acme-0.9.6
	% pull acme-0.9.7

Mc [src] [man]
A port of multicolumn print from Plan 9.

Acmeevent [src]
A port of acmeevent(1) from plan9port.

Adict [src]
A port of adict from plan9port.

/usr/$user/dis scripts
Various scripts, mostly from Plan 9: q, qq, svn, new, B, dcr, icr, fromdos, todos, Slide, Slide+, Slide-, Clean, Clock